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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism in Just 12 Easy Steps

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Here are 12 practical tips to speed up metabolism to lose weight in health and achieve a lot of quality of life! Losing weight is not easy, mainly when your body acts against it. We mean that it works in a way that accumulates more calories than spending them. However, it is possible to change this by speeding up metabolism and causing your body not to accumulate more fats.

Metabolism is nothing more than all the chemical reactions in the body. This process stifers and takes advantage of food substances so that the body works with good energy. When its functioning is slow, it accumulates calories, which turn into body fat and increase weight. This post, Always Well, explains 13 practical ways to speed up your metabolism and burn fats. In addition to explaining metabolic rate, it is related to weight loss and gains. Check!

What is metabolic rate?

Metabolic rate is the measure that shows whether metabolism is accelerated, regular or slow. This data is conferred by speed as the body burns calories in a time range. For an organism to lose weight quickly, this rate must be high at rest, during inactivity, or during other tasks.This metabolic rate is checked by crossing various information about metabolism while burning calories. They are:

Thermal Effect of Food (TEF): is the number of calories burned while your body processes food and beverages;

Thermal Effect of Exercise (TEE): how many calories are used during a physical exercise, whether light or intense;

Basal metabolic rate (MBT): thats how much your body needs to burn calories at the very least to stay active while resting soundly - sleeping;

Resting metabolic rate (MRT): during tiny homes, the body needs to burn calories; and this is the information that represents this phase of metabolic rate;

The thermogenesis of non-exercise activity (NEAT): these are the calories expended by the body during exercises and more everyday activities, such as walking from side to side, getting up, and washing dishes.

Check out 12 ways to speed up metabolism to lose weight.

   1. Eat dark chocolate

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Bitter chocolate is a powerful metabolism accelerator. This is because even in the small tablets of the sweet, there is a good concentration of caffeine and catechin. Both elements increase calorie burning.

      2. Have breakfast always

It may seem obvious to indicate having breakfast every day. The meal of this time of day is fundamental to accelerating metabolism because it stimulates the bodys early functioning. And the sooner your metabolism starts working, the better it will burn calories during the day.

       3. Make more meals throughout the day.

Although this tip seems strange, shes not. Eating multiple meals throughout the day speeds up metabolism because the more calories you eat, the more the body struggles to burn them. But, there is no need to exaggerate the number of meals or the volume of food in each. Eating moderately, from five to six daily feeds, is enough.

Not to forget, see the list of meals throughout the day:

1. Breakfast

2. Snack before lunch

3. Lunch

4. Afternoon coffee

5. Dinner

6. Light meal before bed.

      4. Consume more lean proteins

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Lean proteins take longer to digest by the body. This makes the metabolism work harder to get the job done. This type of protein is present in chicken and fish meats, which also have the advantage of having little fat. In addition, chew these foods well, as this will facilitate digestion and prevent heartburn and other stomach discomforts.

       5. Drink plenty of water

Water is a potent ally to accelerate metabolism healthily. Drinking plenty of water helps eliminate fluids from the body more intensely. Thus, the body works harder to make this reaction eliminate urine. This eliminates many calories and liquids, which also contribute to weight loss. In addition, the vital liquid acts in the body to help metabolize the foods nutrients. As well as making processes, including metabolism, happen in a well-balanced way.

      6. Do high-intensity physical activities.

Physical activities are one of the best ways to speed up metabolism and gain a lot of health. The reason for this is that exercises require a lot of energy. And the energy in the body is calories spent at a high pace during blast activities like running, bodybuilding, and CrossFit. Therefore, doing small high, intensity activities two to three times a week is worth it to speed up the metabolism in the short term.

         7. Take green tea

Green tea acts in the body, potentiating the burning of calories. This is because the drink is rich in caffeine and catechin - the same substances found in bitter chocolate. Catechins are antioxidants that powerfully stimulate metabolism to function at full-thumping, burning everything that would be stored, such as fat in the body. Another positive point of the drink is that when it is consumed hot, it acts even more in burning calories. The explanation is that the body expends more energy to digest and process hot foods than cold ones.

        8. Eat sweet potatoes regularly.

Besides being an excellent food for people with diabetes, sweet potato is perfect for accelerating metabolism because of its low glycemic index. The cause for this is that food stimulates the production of the hormone adiponectin, which helps control the level of sugar in the blood and the body as a whole. When sugar gets stored in the body and is not used as an energy source, it turns fat. This causes weight gain and increases the risk for diabetes and high blood pressure. Consuming small pieces of sweet potatoes regularly, including in place of bread with white flour, is a way to increase the speed of metabolism.

        9. Use ginger as a seasoning.

Ginger is a pronounced flavor root that resembles peppers if your palate likes spicy foods. But whats behind an expressive taste is that it helps speed up metabolism. How does ginger help burn calories and make you lose weight? The food is thermogenic. Thus, it overheats the body when consumed and requires more energy to be processed, burning many calories.

        10. Eat peppers

Peppers have the same action as ginger in the body to accelerate metabolism. They are considered thermogenic foods. Therefore they increase the bodys energy expenditure for processing. However, even with this positive effect on the body, it is necessary to moderate the consumption of peppers. Anyone with stomach problems such as poor digestion and heartburn should not spice up their dishes with this ingredient. The reason is that peppers irritate the intestines mucosa and can lead to gastritis and ulcer. For those who like this spicy flavor in food, use the version of beaten peppers, sauce, or pieces; it works well to speed up metabolism.

       11. Reduce carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates are present in many foods that are consumed in daily life. French bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and cassava are the most common examples. What happens is that such substances cause fat buildup when the body does not use them. This causes slowness in metabolism. Thus, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the consumption of this type of element in the diet, opting for fruits, vegetables, and vegetables. In addition, eating food in full versions improves digestion and contributes to increased metabolic rate.

          12. Sleep well

Sleep is very much related to how metabolism behaves. Sleepless nights or a few hours of rest affect how the body processes substances, reducing metabolic rate. So, do all the tips in this post and follow them; good nights of sleep and relaxation will ensure a good acceleration in metabolism. Another positive point of sleep is that the nights work to repair and prepare the body for the following activities for those who do physical exercises bringing more health and quality of life. Practicing thirty minutes of physical exercise at least twice a week is a good start. To speed up metabolism even more, gradually add more time and practice days.

To speed up metabolism consistently and thereby lose weight and gain more health, choose some of the tips in this post. It is unnecessary to completely deprive yourself of any meal or activity when practicing actions that guarantee benefits to the body.