6 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem

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If we cannot confuse self-esteem with the pride or arrogance of thinking that we are better than others or who we really are, we also cannot minimize the importance of self-esteem and the influence it has on various aspects of life - including in terms of being good. form and good results with training.


In the dictionary, we find self-esteem defined as the quality of those who value themselves, are satisfied with their way of being, with their way of thinking or with their physical appearance, expressing confidence in their actions and opinions. That is, self-esteem is not about boasting or boasting, but about learning to like yourself and respect yourself, even with your faults and shortcomings.

Having healthy self-esteem is beneficial because it makes you feel secure, helps you to have good, healthy relationships with others, and to be open to learning and receiving suggestions, which is great for gaining new skills and improving those you already have. .

In addition, a person with healthy self-esteem is assertive in expressing their needs and opinions, confident in their decision-making skills, realistic about their expectations, more resilient and able to deal with stress and adversity, and is less likely to be a exaggerated criticism of yourself and other people.

But how can self-esteem contribute to my having good results?

First, a person with healthy self-esteem, that is, with a realistic and honest but positive view of themselves, may find it easier to deal with that fear that can arise when someone thinks about starting to exercise or following a balanced diet to lose weight and improve health .

We are talking about that fear of starting to go to the gym because you are afraid of what others will think or because you are not as fit as those who have been working out there for a while. Or the jokes or teasing you might hear when starting a diet and the pressure not to refuse foods full of bad fats or loaded with sugar and calories, for example, when eating a group meal.

Those who have a healthy self-esteem generally understand that respecting and liking their body involves taking good care of it, which includes the practice of physical activities and healthy eating, so the supposed opinion of others does not matter all that much. Also because, in many cases, people do not judge as badly as one imagines the beginning of a change in lifestyle - in fact, this is a very admirable attitude.

In addition, owners of healthy self-esteem are more open to receiving guidance regarding their exercise and diet. They understand that a correction by the physical educator or nutritionist is not a confrontation or personal judgment and that the fact that they are doing something wrong does not mean that they are worthless, just that they have not mastered the training and diet.

Thus, when they hear the recommendation, they put it into practice and see it as a stimulus to fix, improve and have more advantageous results, and not as an indication that it will not work or that they should give up.

Likewise, those with healthy self-esteem trust what theyve learned and know when to say no and refuse well-meaning, but lay and misguided opinions that could get in the way of their goals. On the other hand, someone with low self-esteem could doubt himself or listen to these opinions so as not to displease the other.

6 ways to improve self-esteem

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself with others is not a good idea because it tends to lead to unhappiness, the result of the impression that peoples lives or bodies are much better. But it is necessary to remember that what people show is a filtered portion of their lives, especially when it comes to social networks. Furthermore, the act of comparing yourself to other people is known as one of the supposedly harmless habits that harm the brain .

All people go through ups and downs and face problems and difficulties in their lives and most of them dont usually expose these issues to others - and they dont need to, do they? With that, what we see (and what we show) is usually the good in life.

For example, whoever posts a photo of a good day of training will probably also face days when they cant train well or arent even able to go to training. In the same way, whoever posts a picture of a super healthy dish can also experience moments when they are dying to eat a sweet filled with sugar and even succumb to this temptation.

So you cant beat yourself up for thinking that everyone does everything right and that youre the only one who cant because thats not true. Focus on yourself and do the best you can to reach your goals.

Comparison is only beneficial when a person compares himself with himself: comparing himself with who he was in the past and noticing all the evolution he has had in one or more areas will certainly make him happy and motivated to move forward and achieve new achievements .

2. Decrease time on social media

They are the ones that usually give rise to so many fruitless comparisons, since it is on social networks that people publish stories and images of their best moments, which in many cases can be edited and not so spontaneous when they appear to be.

So how about nip it in the bud and cut down on the time you spend on Instagram or Facebook? You dont have to leave social media altogether and never access them again - the idea is just to cut that time down and exchange it for things that make you feel good about yourself.

Another strategy that can be very useful is to stop following those profiles that encourage comparison and make you feel bad about yourself.

3. Understand that everyone makes mistakes

One thing is certain: all people make mistakes. Some may be better than others at hiding them, but the fact is that everyone makes mistakes, there isnt a single person in the world who is perfect.

So if you make a mistake, dont wonder what someone else would do and dont be paralyzed by guilt. Likewise, dont victimize yourself or throw yourself down. The recipe is to recognize the mistake, learn from it not to repeat it again and move forward with your life and your goals.

4. Do more of what makes you happy

Reflect on what gives you pleasure in everyday life. Its talking to a friend, spending time with a loved one, playing with the kids, reading a book, volunteering, taking a walk or jogging outdoors, listening to music, dancing, singing or watching a movie or series on the end of the night? So, make some time for this!

As important as the day-to-day obligations of work, family and studies are important and cannot be left unattended, it is important to stop for a moment to do what makes you happy.

Think you cant make time for this? So how about asking for help from your husband, older children, parents, siblings or co-workers, delegating functions and thus being able to take the time to take care of yourself?

5. Be helpful to people

Its all about balance. Taking care of yourself does not mean not caring about others and vice versa. Its that old maxim: doing good is good. Sharing something good with people creates a really good feeling: its that feeling of being useful to someone, of helping someone meet a need. It also boosts self-esteem.

And it doesnt have to be something that big. Attitudes such as helping a child to do their homework, donating clothes and food to a person in need, visiting the elderly in the nursing home, helping a blind person cross the street or recommending someone for a job opening can already bring this great feeling.

6. Surround yourself with positive people

Like it or not, the people around a person and what they say about him influence how he sees himself. Thats why its important to surround yourself with positive, good-humored people who notice and express the good in you, cheer for you, and cheer you on your happiness.

Were not talking about being around flattering people, but rather valuing the friendship of those who, despite being sincere, are concerned with expressing their opinions with love and affection, do not use words that put the other down or do not make destructive criticisms and unnecessary.

Everything in life has its good and bad sides and being around people who can look on the bright side of things will make you feel better and be infected by them. Even better if these people like to hug, because a hug is very good for your health .

Does your low self-esteem make you feel anxious? There are exercises for anxiety and nervousness that can help . In addition to trying them out, keep an eye on the intensity of your anxiety symptoms and seek help from a psychologist if they persist, take a long time to pass and interfere with your daily life.

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