6 Exercises for training at home without equipment for 2022

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Is it possible to do exercises without material?

You wont always have a gym at your disposal, or sometimes not even a dumbbellBut is it possible to do a home training

without equipment?

Many professionals have suggested using bean bags, rice, broomstick to simulate weights in physical exercises done at home.

These may be good options but lets face it, its not the proper material.

However, there are several exercises that can be done without any kind of material! How? Using your body weight, gravity

and physics to your advantage!

Benefits of training with body weight

The first benefit is obvious: do not need any material to get in shape, it is an excellent way to get out of sedentary lifestyle,

practical and cheap. But there are a few others:

– Increased strength and muscle endurance

Amazingly, getting up, holding on, getting up, pushing and pulling is very difficult. Weight is almost never equivalent to

muscle strength which can make exercise intenso and difficult, causing increased strength and muscle endurance.

– More functional body

As we have seen, exercising with body weight can be a very difficult activity and the result of this is a much more functional

and efficient body in daily life. Getting up, squatting, climbing into something becomes easier and more natural movements.

This increases your confidence, your safety and your quality of life.

– More balanced aesthetics

Another great advantage is a more balanced aesthetic pois exercises tend to work multiple muscles at the same time. Unlike

devices that work the musculature in a more localized way and, if not well periodized, these exercises can bring a totally

disharmonic aesthetic.

Tips for doing exercises without material

Before you start some important details:

– Always adapt when possible

Some exercises will be very difficult to do using only body weight, but it is always possible to adapt. Below I show some

examples of adaptation

– Beware of the environment

Often these exercises are performed at home, after all it is quite convenient. But watch out for the slippery carpet, the

jar on the table, the glass door in the living room… Be aware that you will make quick and intense movements!

A slip, a slip and ready, can get hurt, break something or hurt someone (there are many workout videos at home that

show well what Im talking about).

– Schedule your workouts

That point is important. Its not just because you know how to do arm push-ups, for example, that you will always have

to do this exercise every day.

The results will decrease, the risks of injury will increase and we will return to demotivation. It is very important to

have a personal trainer so that i can guide you and periodize your training in the best possible way. A good option

is an online training consultancy.

Exercises to train at home without equipment

Proper Squat

Squat | Illustrated Exercise Guide | Workout guide, Best beginner workout, Hiit workout

A classic exercise. Legs on the hip line and knees always in the direction of the tip of the foot. It is important to squat

by taking the hip back while always keeping the trunk high and forward. Imagine youre sitting on a bench.

This exercise will strengthen quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. To force more muscles it is important to go down as

much as possible.

Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat | Illustrated Exercise Guide | Workout guide, Pistol squat, Exercise images

Although we tell you not to use material, if you feel the need, you can use a bench with just reference. This will make

the exercise safer.

In the pistol you must squat with one leg, raising the other forward.


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A great exercise for upper limbs. It will work the muscles of the pectoral, shoulder and triceps, in addition to forcing

the abdomen isometricly (contraction without movement) to maintain position.

You can make the option with your knees on the ground which makes exercise a little easier.

Pike press-up

Pike Push Up | Illustrated Exercise Guide | Workout guide, Exercise, Gym workouts for men

This exercise is the evolution of arm flexion, but it gives more emphasis on the shoulder muscles and destinvolves

the entire region of the shoulder girdle. This is an exercise for advanced people and you can put a cushion to touch

your head to make the exercise safer.

Remember that the hip must go over the head, to do this a good option is to climb on the tip of the feet.

Sit-Ups Press

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This abdominal exercise is great because it will work all over the abdominal part, emphasizing the abdominal rectum.

Ninja Roll Up


Ninja roll is an exercise for intermediateto advanced, as it requires muscle power, strength and flexibility.

The secret is to move very fast forward, placing your feet very close to the hip and transferring the trunk forward.

For ease, in this exercise you can hold a light load on the hands and when you make the forward bearing throw

the arm hard. Inertia will help you by making your body go forward naturally.

These are great exercises to do without material and that will require a lot of muscle in various physical aspects.