5 benefits of sleeping on the left side

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We know the importance of sleep to keep the body always healthy, but the vast majority of people, perhaps, may not pay due attention and also, never have imagined that the sleeping position is fundamental to physical and mental health and well-being. . Therefore, the way and position you sleep is as important as time. The sleep pattern directly reflects on the quality of life.

According to medical research, some people who prefer to sleep on the left side sleep better and are healthier than those who

sleep on the right side. Interesting, isnt it? So stay with us and learn more!

What are the benefits of sleeping on the left side?

There are countless benefits gained when we get used to sleeping in the correct position. We list a few for you:

1. Eliminates toxins from the body

By sleeping on the left side of your body, your lymphatic system works more effectively. Thus promoting the detoxification

of the body, in addition to improving blood circulation to the heart, it stimulates digestion and helps in the flow of bile.

2. Aids in digestion

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When lying on the left side of the body, food waste moves more easily from the large intestine to the lower colon, making it

easier to pass stool in the morning. The body also creates pancreatic enzymes and aids in the digestive process.

3. Improves blood circulation

In this position, blood circulation improves significantly. Blood pressure decreases because gravity helps circulation through

the aorta. It is worth remembering that most of the heart is located on the left side of the body.

4. Decreases heartburn and reflux

As the stomach is on the left side of the body, when you lie on this side, the discomfort and reflux tend to decrease. In these

conditions avoid lying on the right side, as they can worsen the symptoms.

5. Relieves back pain

In this position, the weight is relieved on the spine. Excellent for relieving chronic pain.

     Is sleeping on the left side good during pregnancy?

Sleeping on the left side is very beneficial during pregnancy too, as it is very good for circulation. It makes the uterus not

put too much pressure on the liver, improves blood flow to the uterus and kidneys and relieves weight on the back especially

for those who feel pain.

In this position, the pregnant woman feels more comfortable, as it does not compress the vena cava. Unlike the right side

and belly up, which usually generates shortness of breath, sweating and nausea.

      How to get used to sleeping in this position?

If you are used to sleeping in another position, it may take some getting used to. See some tips:

1.A great tip is to keep a light on on the right side, as your body will naturally want to move away from  the light while you sleep.

2.Try turning over to your left side, and press a pillow against your back. This will prevent you from turning the other way

during the night;

3.You can also try changing which side of the bed you sleep on. This makes it easier to adapt to the new habit.

Do the test! These small changes will improve the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your health.

      Is the left side suitable for everyone?

It is only important to point out that people with heart problems and who have had a stroke, it is recommended to sleep

on the right side of the body, as it reduces heart rate and blood pressure. On the left side, in this case, it could have a

negative effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of normal heartbeat and blood pressure.

      How to get good quality sleep?

Scientifically proven, a good nights sleep should have between 7-8 hours of rest and rest. Knowing this, we will also

understand that we spend a third of our lives in a bed.

Sleep has an important restorative function and directly contributes to peoples health and quality of life. It has 5 stages:

stages 1 and 2 of sleep is called light (relaxation and cooling), in stages 3 and 4 it is deep (invigorates), point 5 is

called REM (time when dreams happen).

During a normal nights sleep, each cycle lasts about 90-110 minutes and repeats until you wake up. The damage of bad

nights sleep is immediate and can also compromise health in the future. So far weve seen an ideal combination: the right

position to sleep and a good bed to rest on. A bed always deserves a good mattress!

       Is there an ideal type of mattress for each person?

Of course, the important thing is that each person must respect their individuality and take it into consideration. It can be said

in general terms if the person is used to, adapted and sleeps well on a spring mattress, they should continue with this type of product.

If she has back problems, the most suitable is the foam mattress, this would make her go through an adaptation phase, but

always aiming at a more active daily life and prepared to face obstacles.

As mentioned above, the side posture, preferably on the left, is the ideal position. We can use resources like pillows to keep us

in that best position. The pillow cannot be too high or too low, so as not to compromise the spine.

An interesting detail is to lie in the lateral position, the knees will rub and to avoid this discomfort just introduce some

thin pillows between the legs.

       What is the difference between a spring and foam mattress?

A foam mattress will always be firmer and stiffer. It has a specific density , so it is suitable for own people, as

each biotype has a suitable foam mattress. Also, this mattress needs to be rotated and turned periodically to

get the most usage time out of it.

The spring mattress can be used by people of weights with a wide range of weight. It doesnt have the specificity

that foam has. Most spring products no longer need to turn.

Having mentioned several facts, we concluded that sleeping on the left side is the most suitable for having a

better quality of sleep and life. Not only can this factor be definitive, but acquiring a good mattress is necessary.

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