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10 Signs of Weight Gain, Did You Know?

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Signs of weight gain are not only seen from the increase in numbers on the scales. Your body also undergoes other changes. In addition to physical conditions, weight gain affects mental conditions.

So, what are the characteristics of gaining weight that you should pay attention to?

Signs of weight gain in general

Basically, the cause of weight gain is eating high-calorie foods in large portions.

You can also gain weight more quickly if you dont balance it by being active.

If left unchecked, constant weight gain will lead to obesity .

For that, you need to pay attention to signs of weight gain.

The characteristics of weight gain consist of various turns, ranging from the most common signs to the least experienced signs, such as symptoms of certain diseases.

Here are ten common signs of weight gain that you need to know.

1. The body gets tired easily

0 Signs of Weight Gain

When you gain weight, there is a possibility that your fat content will increase. Fat that accumulates in the body will trigger inflammation.The inflammatory process turns out to have an impact on the condition of the central nervous system. The effect, you are easily tired physically, including when doing daily activities.

2. Blood pressure increases

Accumulation of belly fat , it triggers hypertension. The reason is, abdominal fat that accumulates is closely related to hypertension.

You see, belly fat causes blood vessels to contract. This condition causes blood flow is not smooth so that blood pressure rises.

In addition, belly fat can inhibit the work of the hormone adiponectin, even though this hormone helps lower blood pressure.

3. Stretch marks appear

Signs of weight gain that you can pay attention to are the appearance of streaks on the skin (striae) or stretch marks .

As you gain weight, your skin stretches wider to follow your bodys shape.

This condition makes the collagen and elastin structure in the skin break. In fact, both play a role in keeping the skin tight and elastic.

When the skin begins to recover, wrinkles appear on the skin or stretch marks .

4. Waist circumference is getting wider

0 Signs of Weight Gain

Try to check, if the size of the pants is enlarged, this could be a sign of weight gain.

The reason is, the accumulation of adipose tissue or fat storage is usually centered on the waist circumference and its surroundings.

In men, adipocytes are more abundant in the abdomen, especially around the internal organs. Meanwhile, women store more fat in the thighs and buttocks.

5. Joint pain

This sign of weight gain appears because the joints of the body hold a greater weight. This body weight puts pressure on the joints, causing joint pain .

When walking on a flat surface, the body supports a load equivalent to one and a half times your body weight.

Take for example, if you weigh 90 kg, your knees support the equivalent of 135 kg in each step.

If the surface is uphill, knee pressure can reach 2-3 times body weight. When squatting, this load even reaches 4-5 times your body weight.

In addition, according to research published by BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , fat will trigger the production of cytokines, causing inflammation in the body.

This is why the joints of the body become inflamed so that osteoarthritis occurs.

6. Sleep snoring

Signs of weight gain on this one appear due to fat deposits narrowing the upper respiratory tract.

So, there are shocks and vibrations of the air in that section so that a snoring sound appears during sleep.

In certain cases, the narrowing of the respiratory tract makes the breathing process not smooth. Breathing can stop suddenly during sleep ( sleep apnea )

7. Triggers depression

Weight gain turns out to affect your mental health condition.

Launching the journal Journal of Health Economics , there are three possible causes of gaining weight that can trigger depression .

First, there is a tendency to interpret weight gain as reducing physical attractiveness in the eyes of others.

Second, people who are overweight tend to get bad stigma from others.

Third, a high body mass index (BMI) causes fat accumulation in the body that is at risk for various health problems.

These three things can have an impact on psychological conditions so that you are prone to experiencing excessive stress, anxiety disorders, to depression.

8. Easy to sweat

When you gain weight, your body will sweat more . This is because the sweat glands are more active in people with more fat content.

In addition, as the body increases in size, the number of sweat glands also increases.

Weight gain also reduces the ability to do physical activity. P need a lot of effort to move the body so that sweat appears more.

9. Difficulty breathing

This sign of weight gain appears due to excess fat in the neck, chest, and abdomen.

Fat will narrow the airway, causing shortness of breath .

Excess weight also makes it difficult for the chest muscles to take deep breaths. This condition can worsen the performance of the brain that controls breathing.

As a result, the body lacks oxygen and the blood contains too much carbon dioxide.

10. Wounds are difficult to heal

Signs of weight gain is closely related to people with obesity.

In this case, the accumulation of fat makes blood circulation not smooth and changes the performance of the immune system.

This causes the wound to become inflamed longer and more susceptible to infection. Therefore, wound healing is relatively longer.

Rare sign of weight gain

This rare feature of weight gain is generally caused by genetic disorders.

This causes a person to experience hunger and energy use that is not optimal.

The following are types of disorders that cause certain signs of weight gain.

  • Proopiomelanocortin deficiency is indicated by reduced adrenocorticotropic hormone.
  • Leptin receptor deficiency is characterized by the bodys inability to respond to the hormone leptin to control hunger and weight.
  • Bardet-Biedl syndrome is a disorder of various parts of the body characterized by excessive weight gain from an early age.

Overcoming signs of weight gain

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Basically, excessive weight gain arises due to the in and out of energy (metabolism) that is not balanced.

For that, you need to limit your daily calorie intake.

Consult a doctor and nutritionist to find out the daily calorie count that suits your health condition.

Make sure your daily intake consists of protein, vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates in a balanced portion.

In addition, you should exercise regularly. Not only focus on burning fat, but train your muscle strength.